Crunching Numbers: What Goes Into A Community Association’s Budget? January 21, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Budgets are crucial to a community association’s financial operation. Just like for-profit businesses, association boards should work diligently to develop annual budgets that estimate revenue and expenses for the upcoming fiscal year. A properly drafted budget can help prevent reduced services, deteriorating property, or special assessments. Many state statutes and most governing documents impose a […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of An HOA Community? January 19, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Are you considering moving into a neighborhood run by a homeowners association? Before you make that all-too-critical decision, you must first learn what it means to live in an HOA community. In this article: Everything You Need to Know About an HOA Community What Is an HOA? What Are HOA Fees? What Are the Pros […]

How To Tell If You Have A Successful HOA Management Running The Community? January 14, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Many homeowners associations rely on the services of an HOA management company to function smoothly. Unfortunately, there are some communities that experience bad management. So, how can you know if you have a successful HOA management in your community? In this article: Identifiers of Successful HOA Management 1. Delivers on Promised Services 2. Stays Updated […]

Is Your Community Safe for Children? December 30, 2020 Bookmark and Share

With warm weather finally here, the number of children playing outside will increase dramatically in the coming weeks. This can cause a number of issues in condominium communities – ranging from noise complaints from residents, as well as an increased incident of accidents; everything from the usual cuts and scrapes to more serious issues that […]

4 Tips to Help You Build Your Own Property Management Company December 27, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Whether you’re a landlord with experience managing properties or you simply enjoy the real estate industry and are looking for a way to get involved, owning a property management company could prove to be a potentially lucrative opportunity. But like any financial venture, it requires a little bit of business acumen. 4 Tips for Building a Property […]

10 Facts You Should Know About Condo Associations December 23, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Over the past few years the popularity of condominiums has increased.  The units are generally more affordable than a town house or detached single family residence. Condominiums offer residents many of the advantages of community living with the advantages of home ownership. I wanted to share 10 facts you should know about condos and condo associations. […]

Why Should Homeowners Contribute to HOA Reserves? December 18, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Contribute to HOA reserves as a homeowner, and you’re setting up your community for long-term financial stability. That’s the short reason why members should help build up HOA reserve funds. Your reserve fund contribution not only helps your community thrive in good times. In times of disaster, your reserve contributions also help the HOA get […]

Everything You Need To Know About Condo Insurance December 11, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Unlike insurance for single-family homes — which is pretty much cut and dry — condominium homeowners insurance can be quite complicated. Why? Because as a condo owner, you need to think about insurance coverage for your unit as well as the insurance covered by your HOA. To provide clarity, here’s everything you need to know […]

10 Questions HOA Boards Should Ask Before the End of the Year December 6, 2020 Bookmark and Share

It’s important for an HOA board to work on ending the year well. It doesn’t matter if your homeowners association plans around the fiscal or calendar year, the questions below apply to both. It’s not too late to ask yourself some of these questions and make a resolution to do these things in the New […]

Dealing With HOA Noise Issues December 1, 2020 Bookmark and Share

A community association’s board has multiple duties—among them deciding when to make repairs, improvements, and additions, and establishing rules and regulations to control aesthetics and unwelcome behavior. Nine times out of ten, repair projects go off without a hitch, and rules are followed. Unfortunately however, those rules and reason sometimes collide, pitting neighbor against neighbor.  […]

Why is a Reserve Fund Study Important? November 25, 2020 Bookmark and Share

A reserve fund study is one of the most important documents condominium associations rely on to determine the amount of reserve fund contributions that are necessary to meet future repair and replacement expenses. To complete a reserve fund study, a NJ property management company will conduct a comprehensive on-site review of the community and its […]

Preparing A Safe Community For Elderly Homeowners November 18, 2020 Bookmark and Share

In past generations, those 65 and older would eventually leave their homes to move to retirement communities or assisted living facilities. Now, though, more and more homeowners are choosing to age in place. With this comes new challenges for homeowners associations in trying to create a safe and accommodating environment for their elderly homeowners. Here’s […]

What is a Quorum and Why is it Important to an HOA Board? November 11, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Many associations schedule their annual homeowners meeting in October and there will be talk of making a quorum, but what does that really mean? A quorum is the minimum number of owners who must be at a meeting before business can be transacted. Business can include routine matters like passing a new budget or a […]

HOA Management Issues Caused By Poor Communication In HOA November 4, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Proper communication is vital to the success of an HOA community. When HOA board members talk to each other, they’re able to work harmoniously and accomplish essential tasks. On the other hand, poor communication can lead to negative consequences such as misunderstandings and low productivity. Here are the top management issues caused by poor communication […]

What Makes a Great Property Manager? October 30, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Property managers are proud members of the customer service industry in New Jersey. Whether it’s speaking to a prospective resident, discussing market analysis with a home owner, or improving business relationships with a fellow mem property management NJ professional, having great customer service skills is a must. In the competitive marketplace especially in Hudson County it is […]

Condo-Owners’ Options with Noise Concerns October 21, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Condo owners are continually assaulted by sound — traffic, construction, the neighbor’s music, you name it. And noise is an especially sensitive issue within condominiums, where concerns about noisy neighbors can create disputes among residents. Unfortunately, noise is a highly subjective issue, and conflicts can become extremely difficult to resolve. The legal system may be the only remedy to […]

Budget? Yeah… I Think We Have a Budget. September 30, 2020 Bookmark and Share

As a HOA manager I was often approached by potential clients, at their wit’s end with HOA issues. Often these issues were about financial issues. I would usually ask them about their budget. Far too often I would get a response like. “Budget? Yeahhh… I think we have a budget.” In most of these cases […]

HOA Is How You Spell Success September 27, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Home Owner Associations (HOAs) for condominiums, planned neighborhoods, and other residential properties have a long history in the U.S. but have become more popular over the past 20 years as people want to safeguard their neighborhoods, ensure the high quality of living and contribute to the investment in their homes. HOAs are a great way […]

To Boot or Not to Boot? September 22, 2020 Bookmark and Share

To Boot or Not to Boot? Immobilizing Vehicles for Parking Violations*Most community associations have rules and regulations in place governing the parking of vehicles. Violations are typically addressed by the issuance of a fine or, in some instances,  towing of the vehicle. However, towing a vehicle in New Jersey requires compliance with the Predatory Towing Prevention […]

Is HOA Living For You? September 17, 2020 Bookmark and Share

HOA living is becoming the norm in many communities. But is moving to an HOA community all that it’s made out to be? What is an HOA neighborhood association and are HOA fees worth it to move into one? Let’s look at what an HOA is, and the benefits of HOA living can bring to […]

Why HOA Social Media Is A Must For Attracting New Members September 11, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Why HOA social media? Nowadays, the question is more about – why not? The HOA social media benefits are too good to ignore. From HOA communication to enticing new residents, your homeowners association Facebook page can be a powerful tool. Let’s take a look at important HOA social media best practices on how to responsibly […]

Do HOAs Pay Taxes? September 2, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Does an HOA pay taxes? It’s a common question a lot of homeowners associations ask. While an HOA does not technically operate to gain profit, it is still bound by tax laws. But, how exactly does it all work? In this article: Does an HOA Pay Taxes? Let’s Find Out What Tax Forms Do You […]

Three Realities of Community Associations August 28, 2020 Bookmark and Share

All community associations have three things in common: Membership is mandatory. Buying a home in a community association automatically makes you an association member—by law. Governing documents are binding. Association governing documents can be compared to contracts. They specify the owners’ obligations like following the rules and paying assessments and the association’s obligations, including maintaining common areas […]

Why Is A HOA Management Contract So Important? August 22, 2020 Bookmark and Share

HOA board of directors are used to dealing with contracts for any type of goods or services needed by the association. Contracts are a standard practice so that both parties understand their specific roles and duties. That’s why a legitimate contract between you and your HOA management company is important too. From daily duties to […]

5 Valuable Tips For New HOA Homeowners August 17, 2020 Bookmark and Share

The prospect of moving into an HOA community can be very exciting for first-time buyers. After all, HOA living comes with so many benefits. You have wonderful amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and playgrounds. There are also services that make residents’ lives easier and more comfortable. As new HOA homeowners, it’s good to […]

How To Collect Unpaid HOA Fees At Closing August 12, 2020 Bookmark and Share

HOA fees at closing, or at the end of a home sale transaction, can be a complex matter. Is the seller responsible for HOA fee payments at closing? Or is it the buyer and their closing attorney that should get the HOA closing letter? On the side of the HOA board, the simpler it is […]

HOA Attorneys – Why They Are Important And How To Find One August 6, 2020 Bookmark and Share

HOA attorneys are paramount to any homeowners association. They perform tasks and consult on issues that an HOA would otherwise have no way of doing. Here’s why your association needs one. In this article: The Case for HOA Attorneys Why HOA Attorneys Are So Important 1. Interpret Governing Documents and Laws 2. Amend Governing Documents […]

7 Reasons And Ways To Serve In An HOA July 31, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Whether you play a small but essential role or run for a position on the board, serving in your HOA comes with plenty of rewards. It may not involve financial gain, but there are some intangible benefits of giving back to your community. Here’s why and how you can serve in HOA communities. Why Serve […]

HOA Management: Playground Safety Tips July 28, 2020 Bookmark and Share

For children across the U.S., school is almost out for the summer. This means that the playground equipment in parks and recreational areas of HOA communities will be full of children having fun in the sun. Before the playground equipment in your homeowners association fills with the sound of small voices; however, be sure to […]

Here’s What Active Adults, 55+ Want in an Condominium July 26, 2020 Bookmark and Share

What Do Senior’s Want in an Condominium? #1: Accessibility Older Americans, Active Adults and 55+ are looking for homes that will be easy to navigate as they age. Homes with long driveways or multi-level entrances can be difficult for older adults to traverse, states Matthew Laderman, Vice President of mem property management To increase the […]