The Impossible Task Improving HOA Meeting Attendance January 12, 2018 Bookmark and Share

If you’re a community manager or board member you’ve probably heard the tired old joke about annual HOA meeting attendance.  You know that one, about doubling the HOA dues or announcing a major policy change to get the attention of homeowners in hopes that they will come to the annual meeting.  Like any good joke, […]

10 Questions HOA Boards Should Ask Before the End of the Year December 5, 2017 Bookmark and Share

It’s important for an HOA board to work on ending the year well. It doesn’t matter if your homeowners association plans around the fiscal or calendar year, the questions below apply to both. It’s not too late to ask yourself some of these questions and make a resolution to do these things in the New […]

Budget? Yeah… I Think We Have a Budget. November 25, 2017 Bookmark and Share

As a HOA manager I was often approached by potential clients, at their wit’s end with HOA issues. Often these issues were about financial issues. I would usually ask them about their budget. Far too often I would get a response like. “Budget? Yeahhh… I think we have a budget.” In most of these cases […]

Your HOA Should Be in the Movies! Promoting It Through Video November 9, 2017 Bookmark and Share

we talk about a small trend, but one that’s growing: HOAs creating a video to showcase their community. Is it a smart idea? Or does it go beyond the scope of an association’s mission? This idea gets a good reception from community association insiders—mostly. “I think it’s actually a good thing,” says Matthew K. Laderman, a […]

Guide For Members To Enjoy Living In Your Association September 12, 2017 Bookmark and Share

Homeowners associations and NJ Property Manager offer many advantages to residents but the level at which you enjoying living there is usually determined by how active you are in the community. There are also other aspects to consider that play a role in maximizing the experience you have such as the homeowners association website and […]

How to Increase Annual HOA Meeting Attendance July 7, 2017 Bookmark and Share

One of the biggest problems HOA boards have with annual meetings is keeping a decent attendance. No matter what you do to try and reach quorum, it can be really difficult to get people to come. Most community members see the annual meeting as a necessary evil or they really just aren’t interested in hearing […]

How to meet quorum at Annual meetings June 14, 2017 Bookmark and Share

Annual meeting quorum requirements can be difficult at times. What is a quorum?  It is the minimum number of required owners to be present at an annual meeting to make it official.  If the association does meet quorum, they are able to conduct regular association business including elections, presenting of  budgets and other community voting […]

5 Common HOA Board Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) May 9, 2017 Bookmark and Share

Many condo and HOA board members have never served on a board before. However, they find themselves responsible for the value of the most important personal asset that their association members own: Their homes.  Amateurs usually mean well, but they make amateur mistakes, too–mistakes that can lead to poor accounting practices, inefficiency, increased liability, and […]

Qualities and Habits of Great Property Managers April 13, 2017 Bookmark and Share

life is what happens while we’re making other plans. Other times life feels like it’s in the palm of our hands waiting for our decisions about what we want to make happen next. Maybe that’s the way our lives are supposed to feel. One of the things I know for sure is that you can […]

Owners Time To Speak At Board Meetings February 24, 2017 Bookmark and Share

In community associations, owners are permitted to speak on topics related to the agenda. It is not unusual for owners to wander off topic and air a grievance they have with management, board members, projects, landscaping, pest control and a number of other association matters with which they are dissatisfied.   It is their time […]

Property Management of Residents with Pets February 16, 2017 Bookmark and Share

There appears to be more people in the U.S. who live with a pet than ever before. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is carefully looking into this topic as it pertains to renters. In fact, HUD has already published an 8 page guide titled Resident Rights that every property manager  and management […]

10 Facts You Should Know About Condo Associations January 30, 2017 Bookmark and Share

Over the past few years the popularity of condominiums has increased.  The units are generally more affordable than a town house or detached single family residence. Condominiums offer residents many of the advantages of community living with the advantages of home ownership. I wanted to share 10 facts you should know about condos and condo associations. […]

How To Stop Bullying In Your Homeowners Association December 29, 2016 Bookmark and Share

Not all homeowners associations have an HOA board that consists of members who treat everyone equally and fairly.  There are over 351, 000 homeowners associations in the United States and some of those HOA’s may have a homeowner that pushes their own agenda. #helpingyouenjoyyourhome Inappropriate behavior may eventually lead to some form of bullying on the […]

AVOIDING CHAOS AT YOUR HOA ELECTION December 12, 2016 Bookmark and Share

While the condo statute outlines a very specific and rigid procedure on how HOAs should conduct the election, the HOA Statute doesn’t say much at all: Elections of directors must be conducted in accordance with the procedures set forth in the governing documents of the association. Except as provided in paragraph (b), all members of […]

Reviewing Your HOA Snow Removal Budget November 10, 2016 Bookmark and Share

This winter is quickly melting away HOA snow removal budgets if not already having them in the red. Your HOA concerns are not alone as communities in many states are having the same issues. mem property management NJ is with you, wishing that Old Man Winter would just give up! Let us help you set […]

Having the Right Kinds of HOA Insurance November 3, 2016 Bookmark and Share

Insurance is just one of those things: you hate to pay for it when you don’t need it, but you’re incredibly grateful to have it when you do. Homeowners associations generally have quite a bit of insurance, and many of them have umbrella policies that cover them for just about any eventuality. This is extremely […]

The Different Types Of Meetings In A Homeowners Association October 19, 2016 Bookmark and Share

Meetings in a homeowners association are generally thought of as board meetings but there are other types of meetings that transpire within the association says Martin H. Laderman President of mem property management.  Aside from board meetings, annual meetings and emergency meetings provide a means of making decisions in the homeowners association.   Each meeting […]

Is Your Reserve Budget Just an Illusion? September 19, 2016 Bookmark and Share

Law firms have seen an increase in claims for defective budgets in recent years. These claims arise when associations find out that what they thought was a solid budget turns out to be an illusion. The financial protection they expected has vanished upon closer inspection. Budget issues most often arise in conjunction with condominium conversions, […]

Why is a Reserve Fund Study Important? September 2, 2016 Bookmark and Share

A reserve fund study is one of the most important documents condominium associations rely on to determine the amount of reserve fund contributions that are necessary to meet future repair and replacement expenses. To complete a reserve fund study, a NJ property management company will conduct a comprehensive on-site review of the community and its […]