4 Reasons why You Shouldn’t Self-Manage your Homeowners Association July 8, 2020 Bookmark and Share

The Downsides of Not Hiring an HOA Management Company In the HOA world, there are two distinct paths you can take when it comes to association management. You can either hire an HOA management group to handle the day-to-day affairs of your organization, or you and your other board members can attempt to manage the […]

Grilling Safely in the Summer Season July 4, 2020 Bookmark and Share

The snow has finally melted. The sun shines later and later into the evening in New Jersey. Summer is right on the horizon. And with that, it’s time to start preparing for grilling season with mem property management co., inc. . This summer, you want your cookouts to be memorable for all the right reasons. […]

Five Ways to Transform Your Community July 1, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Here are five community management tips for HOA boards to truly make a difference in their neighborhoods: 1. Create a Vision Every major project starts with a vision. In other words, the HOA board needs to define where it’s going before it decides how to get there. Board members can provide input regarding the ideal […]

10 Effective Ways Your HOA Saves Money June 27, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Many HOAs have issues covering their operational expenses and as a result, end up charging homeowners with additional fees. In the interest of maintaining resident morale, association boards need to look carefully at their budget. You need to look for ways to reduce costs in HOA, while still providing exceptional service to the community. If […]

12 Qualities And Skills You Need In A Great HOA Manager June 25, 2020 Bookmark and Share

A homeowners association manager must be able to wear many hats to be successful. The HOA manager often acts as the backbone of your HOA and provides vital support to the board. As such, it’s important to choose an HOA manager that demonstrates specific qualities and skills while managing your community. Here are some key […]

Surviving Community Association Budget Season June 19, 2020 Bookmark and Share

In community association management, no two words are feared quite as much as ‘Budget Season’. Developing budgets is an important part of any business, and for community associations, the budget is incredibly important due to the fact that communities have a fixed potential income, and need to be prepared in advance for major expenditures like […]

Keeping Your Community Association Website Updated June 11, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Community association websites are a great idea. They’re the perfect place to post notices and reminders, provide updates on any construction or changes to the property, and so much more. These websites are a convenient and simple place for anyone in the community to go and stay abreast of whatever’s happening at any given time. […]

DIFFFERENT. TOGETHER.  We are mem property management.  June 9, 2020 Bookmark and Share

At mem property management, we are proud to have built a company that looks like the communities we serve.  We have a diverse team that is strengthened by our differences, whether they be race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic background, or disability.  We recognize and celebrate the value of different voices.  It is what makes […]

Top 10 List of Worst HOA Bylaws May 26, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Many people who own condos or single family residences in communal locations confess to having a love/hate relationship with their homeowners association. Sure, the HOA is great when it comes to shoveling snow off the sidewalk and keeping the pool maintained. Sometimes, though, they can seem either a little power hungry or totally insane when […]

What is a Community Association Manager? May 17, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Residents living in an association or community housing environment often know there is a volunteer board that is designed to help residents live comfortably and safely as well as to address a multitude of issues from community safety, ongoing maintenance and whether or not tenants may have a pet.  But did you know that many […]

HOA Is How You Spell Success May 15, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Home Owner Associations (HOAs) for condominiums, planned neighborhoods, and other residential properties have a long history in the U.S. but have become more popular over the past 20 years as people want to safeguard their neighborhoods, ensure the high quality of living and contribute to the investment in their homes. HOAs are a great way […]

Why Associations Need a Formal Collections Policy May 13, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Too many community association boards of directors avoid the question of how to deal with delinquent assessments until it falls squarely in their lap. When that happens, some quickly pull the trigger and start pursuing foreclosure, while others drag their feet or attempt various ad hoc measures. You can help them avoid these potentially risky […]

6 Community Reminders to Share with our Residents this Spring May 7, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Springs has sprung, which means residents will be out and about in your community enjoying the warm weather. That means it’s a good time to send out reminders to residents on community rules and procedures. We know it can be hard to think of everything, so use the list below to start sharing reminders on […]

Want To Keep Assessments Low? May 3, 2020 Bookmark and Share

When living in a condo or HOA, assessments are a fact of life. The fees that homeowners pay to their association are determined by a number of variables. The maintenance and management expenses that are necessary, as well as the number of homeowners in the association, all all factors. Every homeowner can do their part […]

7 Ways To Help HOA Aging Residents April 10, 2020 Bookmark and Share

7 Ways To Help HOA Aging Residents When an HOA board is made up of younger residents, it can be easy to forget about the senior members of the community. But, every community member matters, including HOA aging residents. As such, it is important to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate more elderly homeowners.   […]

Condo vs. townhouse: Which is best for you? April 8, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Condos, short for condominiums, are units within a larger building. These homes are typically on one level. Because condos tend to have more residents per building than townhouse communities, they sometimes have amenities including a pool, clubhouse, library, gym or even special services like a concierge or dry cleaning delivery. On the other hand, a […]

Pets and New Jersey Community Associations…. March 25, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Anyone moving into a planned community or association in New Jersey will need to learn the rules around dogs, cats and other domestic pets. Since pets are such a vital part of people’s lives, many associations will allow them – though there may be restrictions and rules governing what kind of pets and how many […]

16 Discounts Seniors Did Not Know They Could Get March 20, 2020 Bookmark and Share

There are many special discounts that are available to all seniors. Retirees are offered discounts at most retailers, restaurants, parks, on public transport and at hotels. But you won’t get these discounts unless YOU ASK for them. Simply ask the question, “Do you offer a senior discount?” and see how much you can save. For […]

Moving? Choosing the Right Boxes Will Help March 16, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Getting ready to move means you (or your property managers) will probably spend more time thinking about boxes than at any other time in your life. Most residents spend the weeks leading to their move hunting for anything and everything cardboard. Yet because you have to fit practically everything you own into boxes to make […]

The Right Approach to Violation Disputes March 16, 2020 Bookmark and Share

As an HOA, it is your duty to uphold the rules of the community. These rules were written to ensure the health, happiness, and property values of everyone in the neighborhood. When enforced correctly, it ensures that every homeowner is held to the same standards for the good of the community. Including Board members. Of […]

Helping Homeowners Follow the Rules in Your HOA March 15, 2020 Bookmark and Share

It can be difficult to strike a balance between making sure homeowners follow the rules, and breeding ill will in the community because the board is seen as controlling and harsh. Whenever you have a problem with homeowners consistently breaking the association rules and regulations, it may be time to examine yourself and see what […]

What To Do When Homeowners Are Harassing Board Members March 10, 2020 Bookmark and Share

As a board member, you’ve surely seen emotions run high at your association meetings. Whether you lead a condo association or homeowners association, you know the subjects discussed at your meetings involve people’s homes, their quality of life, and their finances—topics that can be tricky to talk about, especially when lots of opinions are present. […]

5 Secrets to Shorter Association Board Meetings February 13, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Real talk: No board member has ever wished that association board meetings could last longer.After all, every board member is a volunteer who’s sacrificing their free time to make your community a better place to live. The less time they have to spend in meetings, the happier they’ll be–and the easier it’ll be to recruit […]

5 Reasons Why I Love Living in New Jersey February 5, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Forget The Sopranos and Jersey Shore – despite the hype the New Jersey offers much more than mob fiction or reality TV, NJ has amazing opportunities for anyone looking to live and work in a state with the nation’s highest graduation rate. Here are a few reasons why I love living in New Jersey: Affordable […]

What Makes a Great Property Manager? January 16, 2020 Bookmark and Share

Property managers are proud members of the customer service industry in New Jersey. Whether it’s speaking to a prospective resident, discussing market analysis with a home owner, or improving business relationships with a fellow mem property management NJ professional, having great customer service skills is a must. In the competitive marketplace, it is no longer enough […]

5 Things for Property Managers to Start 2020 off Right December 30, 2019 Bookmark and Share

It’s that time of year again, time to think about New Year’s resolutions for all of your properties. Whether you want to improve your owners relationships starting in January or you want to create dynamic properties NJ with the help of smart home technologies, the new year is a chance to meet all of your […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations December 19, 2019 Bookmark and Share

Prior to purchasing an electric vehicle, you should review your condominium documents and applicable state laws. California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, and Oregon have passed laws regulating requests to install electric vehicle charging stations. Many municipalities also have adopted ordinances regulating installation. Some condominium documents contain specific requirements for charging stations, but most don’t specifically address […]

HOAs, CC&Rs, ETC. Making Sense Of Community’s Alphabet Soup December 12, 2019 Bookmark and Share

Today, 70 million Americans live in 344,500 common-interest communities. Even if you haven’t lived in a condo, co-op, or HOA, chances are you’ve at least heard of these communities. Admittedly, those who live in, volunteer in, and work for common-interest communities tend to throw around terms like “ARC,” “CC&Rs,” “D&O” or “CMCA” that make things […]

Happy Halloween From mem – A Must See ! “Click Here” October 14, 2019 Bookmark and Share

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees, ‘Tonight is Halloween!’  

Why HOA Boards Should Start Preparing Next Annual Budget Now October 3, 2019 Bookmark and Share

When it comes to the annual budget for your homeowners association, it can feel cumbersome to understand and plan. It can also seem like an overwhelming task because you just don’t have a lot of accounting knowledge. The budget planning process is a lot of work and a large responsibility for the HOA board to […]