April 27, 2022
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We have been given the gift of life on Earth. In order to keep our wonderful gift, we need to take good care of the environment. To do their part, many companies and organizations are “Going Green” to help preserve and sustain life on Earth. As a Homeowners Association, you have many opportunities to introduce sustainability into your community. Below you will find 6 eco-friendly, green initiatives for HOA board members and management to consider to help improve your local environment.

Educate and Get Your Community Involved

One of the best ways to have a sustainable community is to educate residents about the importance of green initiatives. One way to do this is to include recommendations within your HOA newsletter for your residents to begin practicing green initiatives. . This is the most effective way to reach all of your members at once. Tips and recommendations for community members can include guidance on reducing energy usage and advice on how to recycle. You can take things a step further by holding a community education day, organizing a recycling drive, starting a community garden or compost station.

Lower Your HOA’s Carbon Footprint

The benefits of a Green HOA include many benefits; however, the biggest benefit may be improving your residents’ quality of life. Though some eco-friendly initiatives will be harder to implement than others, the benefits that stick around in the long run outweigh any expenses or troubles encountered to get it done. The money you will begin to save from your green initiatives can be used to further improve your community and the environment, as well as lower your HOA fees. Stand out to potential homeowners as well because your ecological efforts show that you have good intentions. Tell us, how will your homeowners association be “Going Green” this year?

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