Building Trust With Condo Association Goodwill
March 31, 2021
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Condo association goodwill is an intangible but crucial part of keeping a managed community together. HOA goodwill is not simple to measure, yet it’s something that you can instantly see as soon as you spend time in a community. Let’s look at a few different things you can try to spread goodwill in community associations. If you’re reading this from an HOA board member perspective, you are in the right place at the right time to start spreading goodwill today!


In this article:

Why Condo Association Goodwill Is So Important

A condo association needs to survive and thrive. Thus, it needs a good strategy that makes the most out of available resources. It also needs to takes assessments into account and keep a proper budget. Oftentimes, all it takes is sound financial management to bring all these about.

But when it comes to condo association, there’s one important resource that should not get ignored. HOA goodwill is not easily measured in terms of money or even in the evaluation ratings. However, goodwill can accomplish a lot of things. More importantly, it makes your condo association a much pleasant place to live in.


Are You Building Condo Association Good Will?

business team putting hands on top of each other | goodwill in communityIt takes goodwill to build relationships and start building trust. After that, goodwill keeps your interactions going smoothly. It’s an important lubricant to social interactions, especially so for people and groups that you deal with every day. Likewise, it helps build that feeling that you can trust someone. Whether it’s to take initiative to do something beneficial for both parties or simply to stand by their word.

Goodwill, and the trust that you build with it, is important for making progress. On the other hand, the lack of goodwill is an impediment to making things happen. The total absence of goodwill even be hazardous to everyone involved.

Condo association goodwill is just like the goodwill you need in a regular workplace. You want people to feel willing to contribute, to act as a part of the team. Otherwise, every task becomes a chore. That’s when you start to see people just going through the motions as they do their tasks.

There’s also a lot of tasks involved in maintaining a condo association. So it’s never good for people to treat their jobs as another set of crappy hours to endure. Especially so if you have a self-managed team of HOA or condo board members. That’s why it’s so important to build that condo association goodwill.


Building Good Will With Owners

It’s a given that the board members a condo association management team should get along well. While owners are also board members in a sense, the way you foster goodwill with them may need a different approach. After all, it’s not too often that the board members are talking with the owners. Sometimes, the condo board may not even directly interact with a fraction of the owners at all – save for the occasional email reminder.

Thus, building goodwill with owners needs to be done by taking action – not by words. When the owners know that their needs are being taken care of, that’s already a big plus for your condo community. Owners may not seem to care for the condo association members themselves, but they do care about the condo community as a whole. Thus, it’s important that condo management does right by them. The condo management team can win owners over simply by being a good steward of the condo association. So that means keeping the condo association financially stable, safe, and compliant with regulations.

It’s also very important for the condo association to be transparent to their members, as well. That’s especially true for enacting condo rules or enforcing them. Some regulations may not agree with some of your condo owners. But as long as the condo association management team clearly shows a transparent and even-handed implementation of these rules, condo association goodwill is still maintained.


Maintaining Good Will With Service Providers

Service Provider | goodwill in communityDoing business with your service vendors needs to be done in good faith. Both parties are bound by contracts, as well as the business relationship they have that defined their roles. With goodwill, though, both sides can benefit when someone goes the extra mile to help the other. That’s how condo association goodwill makes a huge difference.

Your relationship with your vendors can greatly affect the performance you get. It’s reasonable to expect good performance for the pay your condo association is providing them. You’ll be surprised, then, that sometimes your vendors can do something extra for seemingly no reason. That’s condo association goodwill at work.

On the other hand, a lack of goodwill can be detrimental to a business relationship with your service provider. Unmotivated vendors will go through the motions. They may even go the extra mile to make sure to provide only the services in the contract, and nothing else.

If you plan to work with a provider for years, then goodwill is a must. With a great relationship, you have the advantage when it comes to negotiating contracts. Plus, you can trust them more to do the job they do, even without strict supervision.


Condo Association Good Will Builds Communities

It’s no exaggeration that condo association goodwill is the foundation of solid condo communities. When goodwill is bountiful in a managed community, people work harder, and everyone gets better results. Thus, your residents can come home to a condo community that’s safer, cleaner, and better maintained — often with no extra expense involved.

Plus, that same goodwill can save your HOA board at a later time, should you need it. Need a huge favor for a big project? With a lot of condo association goodwill built up, you can get more done. Your owners are more supportive of your project, and your vendors can work hard for your sake. Now that’s the sort of progress you can’t put a price on.