Collect with Respect – A New Approach to Collections
April 12, 2024
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mem property management will shortly be announcing a powerful new partnership with one of the country’s leading collections companies to help Associations more efficiently and more affordably collect overdue monthly fees and special assessments from delinquent unit owners.

Our approach will be proactive and innovative, very different from the “sue first, ask questions later and send a big bill” attitude of most law firms.  We are adopting a customized approach –working directly, collaboratively, and respectfully with the unit owners using a highly effective communications and negotiations strategy that has proven incredibly successful for thousands of associations nationwide, securing the outstanding assessments owed to community Associations, while improving financial stability and cash flow.

Working alongside our Board members and our experienced and fully licensed collections partner, no additional fees will be charged for this service.  All money due to the Association will be paid in full. The Association will always receive 100% of whatever is owed.

As you already know, an Association is only as effective as its ability to collect from unit owners who have fallen behind or neglected their financial responsibilities.  Fees and assessments are critical to the ongoing management and financial health of every community.  However, the cost and time associated with collections is a substantial burden.  For example, legal fees, accounting and bookkeeping fees, collections agency fees and additional staffing to manage the collections process can add up quickly – easily costing several thousands of dollars or more, not to mention the time, effort and distraction involved for everyone else.

Our new partnership is one of several exciting new mem property management initiatives that help residents enjoy their home and help Board members more effectively discharge their fiduciary responsibilities, and increase property values.

We will be sharing more details very soon!

Thank you as always for your continued support and loyalty!

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