Summer Safety: Homeowners, Kids, Pets, and Employees
July 19, 2022
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HOA summer safety tips are all about staying healthy and sunburn-free as you enjoy your HOA summer activities. However, you also have to look out for the security of your association and residents. Safe summer tips likewise apply to the maintenance crew that will be working in your neighborhoods under the hot weather. Read on to pick up some HOA summer safety tips for homeowners, pets, and your employees.

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HOA Summer Safety Tips to Protect the Community

It’s easy to overlook safety when you’re enjoying summer activities like pool days, cookouts, picnic gatherings, camping trips, and other outings. But, when you run an HOA community, safety is an important aspect that shouldn’t be forgotten.

To make summertime a fun experience for everyone in your community, ensure residents are aware of ways they can enjoy a safe and healthy summer:

Sun Safety Tips for HOAs

A set of HOA summer safety tips will not be complete without a few pointers on how to avoid heatstroke, sunburn, and other heat-related injuries.

1. Avoid Dehydration

Make sure to remind residents and employees to stay hydrated and take breaks from activity to sit in the shade. People must always have access to water as they go about their day. Before going outside, make sure to remind everyone to drink at least eight ounces of water. In fact, it’s a great idea to hydrate anyway even if they’re not going outside.

2. Wear Sunscreen and Minimize Sun Exposure

Tell residents and employees to put on sunscreen before going into the sun and re-apply throughout the day. Educate them to use at least SPF 15. If they can help it, they should avoid intense activity from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun is out most and at its hottest.

Also, if anyone is taking medications, they must make sure it’s safe to be out in the sun for long periods of time. Those with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure or previous history of heat strokes should take extra precautions. Remind everyone to check with their doctor before spending too much time in the heat.

Water Safety Tips for HOAs

Water safety is important, even if residents are just lounging around the HOA pool. Be especially mindful of these HOA summer safety tips if for kids and pets.

1. Stay Alert, Keep Informed

Remind residents to keep their wits about them all the time. Keep track of weather conditions in the area and avoid going out in inclement weather. Always have everyone accounted for at all times.

2. Practice Swimming Safety

Make sure a professional lifeguard stays on standby at your community pool. Remind everyone to always swim in areas supervised by a lifeguard or with a guardian if small children are involved. Also, make sure the HOA pool is safe and ready for daily swimming. Make sure everyone stays in groups of two or more when swimming outside, especially the kids. In large areas, children should be guided to always make sure they can see their swimming partners.

Children who are swimming in large bodies of water should wear life jackets approved by the Coast Guard, and it should fit tightly enough so the child can’t slip through.

The same goes for pets, too. For extra safety, caregivers and parents are encouraged to take a CPR safety course before engaging in summer water activities alone or with children. Consider arranging these courses in your association for ease of access.

Summer Grilling Safety Tips

The neighborhood summer grill is a delicious HOA event, but make sure to keep an eye out for fire risks. Don’t ruin barbecue day with a mishap!

1. Observe Fire Prevention Measures

It’s important for your board to educate homeowners on fire prevention measures. Remind them to stay aware of where they are placing their grills and other sources of open flames. It’s best to always have grills at least 6 ft from buildings or trees to avoid the risk of something catching fire. When kids are involved, parents must make sure to adequately supervise them at all times.

Residents are not always aware of these safety points, so it’s your job as a board member to keep them informed. You can post these reminders around the community. Alternatively, you can include these HOA guidelines for outdoor grilling in your regular newsletter.

2. Know What to Do in Case of Fire Going Out of Control

bbq | summer safetyIn times of distress, it’s important to keep calm and don’t panic. Warn kids to stay away from a fire going out of control. Remind residents to close grill lids to avoid flare-ups and cut off the oxygen source of the flame. It’s also best to keep a large water bottle or fire extinguisher nearby in case the need to control any flames arises.

Summer Security Tips

Summer safety also covers security measures. When residents leave the house, they must make sure they’re not leaving it open for possible thieves and vandals. They can easily avoid becoming a victim of poor security by following some basic precautions. Ensure residents stay aware of these precautions by sending them out in the form of newsletters or notices.

1. Secure Homes Before Leaving

Homeowners will usually remember to lock their doors, but they must also make sure their windows are locked as well. If residents have home security systems installed, remind them to set the alarm, too.

2. Make Homes Look Occupied

Thieves are more likely to enter an unoccupied house. For this reason, residents should do their best to make it look as if someone is home even when the opposite is true. Neighbors can park a car in empty driveways to make it appear like houses are occupied. They can also help out by picking up the vacationing resident’s mail or leaving some lights on in the house. As another option, residents can look for a house sitter to look after their homes.

3. Avoid Posting on Social Media When Away

Social media is a great tool for staying in touch with contacts. But, constant posting on social media can also alert never-do-wells of your whereabouts. As such, it’s important to remind residents to avoid posting on social media while they are away. This includes posting pictures and “checking in” at various places. They never know who will seem them and try to take advantage.

Summer Safety Tips for Your Maintenance Crew

Your maintenance crew puts in the hard work every week, so make sure they know how to handle the summer heat. After all, physical labor can compromise heat tolerance. You may feel fine standing outside in 80 degrees of heat, but the gardener may start feeling hot in 75 degrees.

Keep an eye on your maintenance employees to make sure they are not at risk of heat-related issues. Watch out for signs of someone cramping or a worker complaining of dizziness. It helps to have medical help on your speed dial, too.

Get HOA Summer Safety Tips From Experts

Your local firemen, lifeguards, and other professionals will be more than happy to share some more HOA summer safety tips for your residents. Also, for more tips and help with summer safety regulation, feel free to consult with your HOA management company as well.

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