5 Things for Property Managers to Start 2020 off Right
December 30, 2019
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It’s that time of year again, time to think about New Year’s resolutions for all of your properties. Whether you want to improve your owners relationships starting in January or you want to create dynamic properties NJ with the help of smart home technologies, the new year is a chance to meet all of your property management NJ goals. Without further delay, here are five easy things that you can do to start 2020 off on the right foot.

Property Management NJ – 2020 Tips

Want to make this your best year yet? If so, make sure that you implement the right property management tactics to grow your business, keep your tenants happy, and build valuable relationships with local homeowners.

  1. Communication — Start the new year with a personalized email to your homeowners. Wish them a “Happy New Year,” while simultaneously re-introducing your blog. This personalized email is a great way to create a positive touch point, build your existing relationships, and offer helpful seasonal advice via your blog. Speaking of which, don’t forget to make and stick to your digital publication schedule starting right away.
  2. Smart home technologies — Do your managed properties NJ leverage the power of smart thermostats? Have the light switches been changed to dimmer switches? Have you installed smart locks? If you are scratching your head in confusion at these questions, then it’s time that you conducted a bit of research on smart home technologies that can greatly enhance your properties. From a Nest that allows unit owners  to more easily control their heating or air conditioning, to a smart lock that does away with duplicate keys, there are numerous technologies that homeowners will enjoy.
  3. Community-driven spaces — Over the last decade, homeowners New Jersey have come to expect more from their chosen home abodes. Make 2018 the year that your multi-family properties have amenity-filled community spaces. Whether it is a water feature that both dogs and humans can enjoy, a beautiful flower garden with designated spaces for planting vegetables, or a grilling station with a fire pit, there are are numerous ways that you can enhance the value of your properties, simply by catering to the wishes of your owners
  4. Accessible properties — Owners want to be able to book a home tour with the same ease that they use an app to reserve a table at a popular restaurant. Make sure that you are using the right property management technology to make the entire home selling  process a breeze. From scheduling a tour to signing on the dotted line, owner have a real-time service expectation that must be satisfied.
  5. Health checks. — Whether you are a property manager in New Jersey or Pennsylvania  carve out time to check on all of your properties. This simple check-up can alert you to any future maintenance problems, help you to assess areas of improvement for each property, and will be a great comfort to your homeowners.From checking on filters to making sure that the paint isn’t chipping, the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to make sure that your properties are in tip-top shape.

Happy Clients Bring More Business

If you want a successful year, then you need to make sure that you keep your clients happy!  “Helping You Enjoy Your Home”