Pets and New Jersey Community Associations….
March 25, 2020
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Anyone moving into a planned community or association in New Jersey will need to learn the rules around dogs, cats and other domestic pets.

Since pets are such a vital part of people’s lives, many associations will allow them – though there may be restrictions and rules governing what kind of pets and how many pets are permitted.

For those in planned housing communities in NJ where there is lots of space, the rules mostly associate with cleaning up after the pet and ensuring the animal is leashed when out in public or on the association grounds.  For those associations in condo or apartment-like facilities, rules may focus on the size and number of animals one may have – like having only one cat or a dog under a certain weight.  Rules vary depending on the association.

The Community Associations Institute (CAI), agree that each association should have rules that, “…fit the particular dynamics of each community and should be revised as appropriate to fit the desires, needs and priorities of the residents in that community.”  If the association’s rules are not to a resident’s liking, they should take up a grievance with the association’s board (or run for an official position on a board).


According to the CAI, “One of the key challenges of community association governance is balancing the desires of an individual resident with the best interests of the community as a whole. In the often-emotional realm of pets, this can be a delicate balance.”

So before agreeing to live in a community, residents are advised to ask the realtor as well as read the association rule book regarding pets.  If the rules do not work for a particular resident this may not be the right community.  It should be noted that many New Jersey community associations have special exceptions for service animals, seeing-eye dogs, for instance, which may be protected accommodations under various federal and state laws. For more info and specials about how to take care of your pets and more products, such as the cordless vacuum for pet hair or any best vacuum cleaner for pet hair recommended by Petsho and more, by visting the site!

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