Are You Asking Enough Questions Before Hiring an HOA Contractor?
July 29, 2021
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The HOA board is responsible for making decisions when the community is in need of maintenance or repair. Different skill sets are required based on the area of need, so it’s important to be mindful of the contractor you use to get the job done. It’s easy to go with anyone and assume they’re able to perform whatever type of work you need, but that line of thinking can get you in a lot of trouble. Let’s go over the top factors to consider when hiring a contractor to work on your HOA.

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Are They Licensed and Bonded?

This is so important. Always be sure the work being done is performed by a company that is licensed and insured. Yes, other companies might be cheaper, but they are cheap for a reason. Having insurance means you have protection is the contractor doesn’t complete the full work for some reason or if someone gets hurt on your property.

Ask each contractor you interview for proof of insurance and verify with the insurance company to make sure it’s legit.

Ask Questions

Be sure the contractor is knowledgeable in the area of work you need. Ask them how they will handle the project and what they know about the process. Look for someone who has done the type of work you need many times before and seems confident in it. You’ll also want to do a review of their online status. Google their name and see what their online ratings look like. How are they rated with the Better Business Bureau? And do they have a company website?

Set Scope of Work

If you find a  roofing contractor you’re impressed with, start talking about the specifics of the work. Be clear about costs, expected timeline, and materials needed. The bigger the project, the more you’ll want to go over details and be clear on expectations. This will help you avoid any surprises or disappointments down the road. And board members will be able to watch the work in progress knowing what’s expected.

Get Contact Information

Do this way before the work begins. Tell the company your preferred form of communication, then get more than one form of contact for them — preferably at least two phone numbers. Also, find out when they are available to answer during the day and make sure they are responsive while doing the work.

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