mem property management, one of the leading property management company in New Jersey,recently announced the launch of mem construction services inc., a comprehensive repair, maintenance and improvement solution for associations in New Jersey.

mem construction services  inc. will offer general repairs, including: deck repair/replacement; interior repair; roof and skylight repair; fencing; siding/wood repair; foundation repair; gutter repair/cleaning; debris removal; water damage restoration, plumbing and electrical, etc.


Over the past 30 years, we have been helping residents enjoy their home with best in class service and expert property management that is without equal,” explains Martin Laderman, founder and CEO of mem property management and co-founder and President of mem construction services inc., “and like many communities, they were continually frustrated with the delays, costly mistakes and extraordinary expenses associated with routine repairs and maintenance, as well as emergency work and restoration.  It became obvious that there was a better, faster and more affordable option that should be made available to our managed communities, so after months of planning, we brought together the premier home repair and maintenance professionals in New Jersey, all licensed and bonded, to offer repair, maintenance and home improvement services to our managed communities.”