Before you can understand unenforceable HOA rules, you must first know what HOA rules are. Simply put, HOA rules are rules that members of an HOA community must follow. These rules exist to regulate members’ behavior within the association. Some people use HOA rules and HOA covenants interchangeably. You can find HOA covenants within your […]

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mem property management recently announced it will be an  exhibitor at The New Jersey Cooperator’s Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apt. Expo. The Expo will take place Wednesday , June 7, 2023 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Visitors to the mem property management can learn more about the company, […]

HOA Bank Accounts: Everything Your Board Needs to Know May 10, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Do you need to open a bank account for your HOA but feel overwhelmed by available options? I’m not surprised, actually. Ask any HOA board member what aspect of running the HOA they find the least enjoyable, and most will say it without thinking – money management. There’s so much to it, after all – collecting fees, dealing […]

The Hierarchy Of HOA Documents: Which Takes Precedence? April 26, 2023 Bookmark and Share

HOAs are governed by many rules and regulations — to a point where it may get confusing for both board members and homeowners alike. To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, it’s important to have a clear understanding of homeowners association documents, as well as which HOA documents take precedence in your community.   The Hierarchy […]

Car Charging Stations April 11, 2023 Bookmark and Share

A resident shows up one day in his or her new Tesla Model S and informs the board that his or her electrician is on the way to install a state of the art electric vehicle charging station in his or her assigned parking space, which happens to be a part of the common elements. […]

The Truth about HOAs:Don’t Blame Governing Documents,Blame Inconsistent Enforcement April 6, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Debunking common myths about living in community associations: MYTH: ENFORCING YOUR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION’S GOVERNING DOCUMENTS LEADS TO UNHAPPY HOMEOWNERS. Most people believe that enforcing the Rules and Regulations and other restrictions in the Declaration leads to unhappy homeowners. It feels right, because no one likes to get a letter saying “You are in violation of […]


CAN BOARDS REGULATE MARIJUANA IN HOA COMMUNITIES? Marijuana, specifically the use of marijuana, has recently become a hot topic among homeowners associations. And while it remains illegal under federal law, many states have already legalized its use for recreational or medicinal purposes (or both). As of writing, a total of 21 states have already legalized marijuana […]

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mem property management, recently filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a Combined Declaration of Use and Incontestability Under Sections 8 and 15 to further strengthen the company’s intellectual property rights. “We are very proud of our brand and our company logo strongly demonstrates our commitment to servicing New Jersey Associations for over […]

Why Are My HOA Fees So High? February 22, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Whether your HOA’s assessments are monthly, quarterly, or yearly, it’s that time of the year again where you may have noticed the dues are higher. While it can be frustrating and may feel unnecessary, there’s a reason behind those increased assessments, and recently, that’s been inflation. How Inflation Impacts HOAs Unfortunately, inflation affects several facets […]

11 Important Features And Design Elements Of A Good HOA Website February 1, 2023 Bookmark and Share

A well-made homeowners association website does more than just present information. A great HOA website consists of thoroughly crafted, related modules that make HOA management easier.   What Characteristics Define a Good HOA Website? When shopping for a website for your association, it is important to consider its features and characteristics. What will make managing […]

Preparing Your HOA Community to Handle Winter Emergencies January 28, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Winterizing your community is likely something you’ve already discussed and begun the planning stages.  Beyond the steps mem Property Management NJ can take for winterization though, you can also be aware and ready for any winter emergencies in your community. Winter emergencies in an HOA mean that your residents may be in trouble. This may […]

Condo Frozen Pipes: Who Should Take Care Of It? January 22, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Condo frozen pipes are a common problem among many condo associations, particularly those located in colder states. But, is it your job to fix these pipes? Or, is someone else accountable for them? DEALING WITH CONDO FROZEN PIPES Every season has its range of weather-specific concerns for property owners and condominium associations. In the winter, […]

11 Ways To Ensure Effective Security In HOA Community January 15, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Most residents of HOA communities have the benefit of feeling safer and more secure than those in a public community. To ensure HOA security remains in tiptop shape, it’s crucial for HOAs to get the most out of their security measures. HOW TO IMPROVE HOA SECURITY IN YOUR COMMUNITY Homeowners association security continues to be […]

Judgments to Recover Delinquent Fees are Not Optimal January 3, 2023 Bookmark and Share

There are several reasons why money judgments may not be an effective way to collect delinquencies in homeowners’ associations (HOAs): In general, it is often more effective for an HOA to work with delinquent homeowners to find a resolution that is mutually beneficial. This may involve setting up a payment plan or finding alternative ways […]

May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness. December 26, 2022 Bookmark and Share

     May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.

Merry Christmas December 22, 2022 Bookmark and Share

“I love Christmas. I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can’t wait to exchange….” — Henny Youngman

What Goes On In An HOA Annual Meeting? Tips For Having A Successful One December 5, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Although homeowners associations have varying rules and traditions, one thing that many have in common is the HOA annual meeting. But, what exactly happens in the annual meeting? And how can you improve yours?   WHAT IS AN HOA ANNUAL MEETING? The HOA annual meeting is a general meeting of sorts for the entire HOA membership. […]

7 Wonderful Ideas To Have An Eco-Friendly HOA December 1, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Many homeowners associations are moving towards sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions in their communities’. If you want to be an environmentally conscious HOA, there are several ways to do so. For starters, here are seven wonderful ideas that will transform your community into an eco-friendly HOA. HOW TO BECOME AN ECO-FRIENDLY HOA Becoming an eco-friendly homeowners […]

Veterans Day 2022 November 11, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served. For one day, we stand united in respect for you, our veterans. This holiday started as a day to reflect upon the heroism of those who died in our country’s service and was originally called Armistice Day. It fell on […]

WHAT IS A HOA BOARD RESOLUTION AND HOW TO CREATE ONE? November 10, 2022 Bookmark and Share

WHAT IS AN HOA BOARD RESOLUTION? Within the context of a homeowners association, a resolution is a formal statement created by the board relating to the policies and decisions of the board. It contains information on the purpose of the resolution and what action follows as well as where the board’s authority to make that […]

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Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees, ‘Tonight is Halloween!‘  

HOA Electric Car Charging Policy: Why Have One? October 6, 2022 Bookmark and Share

With the rise of electric cars in society, chances are you’ve probably seen a few of them in your homeowners association. Pretty soon, you will have owners of these vehicles approaching your HOA board to request the installation of charging stations. And, with that, comes the need for an HOA electric car charging policy. In this […]

Budget? Yeah… I Think We Have a Budget. September 14, 2022 Bookmark and Share

As a HOA manager I was often approached by potential clients, at their wit’s end with HOA issues. Often these issues were about financial issues. I would usually ask them about their budget. Far too often I would get a response like. “Budget? Yeahhh… I think we have a budget.” In most of these cases […]

How to Choose the Right Vendor September 7, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Here at mem Property Management Corporation, we understand that selecting a vendor to work on your Association can be stressful. As a Board Member, it is your job to approve this vendor and sign off on contracts, warranties, and invoices. That’s a ton of pressure! We’re here to take the load off of your shoulders…  […]

Tips from HOA Board: Are You Unknowingly a Noisy Neighbor? August 24, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Does your HOA board deal with noise disturbance complaints from members? Noise is an inevitable reality in a condominium homeowners association. Condominium dwellers live in such close proximity, it’s essential that all residents consider the effect that noise will have on their neighbors – especially when it comes to long-term considerations, such as deciding on […]

Who Can Attend HOA Meetings? August 15, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Who can attend HOA meetings? When it comes to annual meetings and board meetings, are all homeowners allowed to attend? Let’s find out. In this article: Understanding Who Can Attend HOA Meetings Of Spouses, Tenants, and Attorneys Open Meetings and Executive Sessions Restricting Attendance at HOA Meetings Can Homeowners Speak at HOA Board Meetings? About […]

Why Is A HOA Management Contract So Important? August 7, 2022 Bookmark and Share

The Board of Directors is used to dealing with homeowner association contracts for any type of goods or services needed by the association. Contracts are a standard practice so that both parties understand their specific roles and duties. That’s why a legitimate contract between you and your HOA management company is important too. From daily […]

HOA 101: Understanding the HOA Board of Directors & Its Role July 27, 2022 Bookmark and Share

To function correctly, an HOA must have a board authorized to act on the community’s behalf. Board members are volunteers who are elected to the position by other association members to handle a variety of tasks, including creating and enforcing guidelines, overseeing finances, and maintaining shared spaces. —and required—aspect of any homeowners’ association (HOA). Comprised of elected […]


HOA PROFIT: IS IT LEGAL? In the eyes of the law, homeowners associations are considered nonprofit corporations. These associations’ primary function is to preserve the curb appeal and property values in the communities they handle. In the pursuit of this, HOAs will naturally require revenue to fund the various expenses associated with maintaining the community. […]