How Can An HOA Reduce Delinquencies? June 11, 2021 Bookmark and Share

One of the hardest parts about running a homeowners association is collecting dues, especially when they become delinquent. How can your HOA reduce delinquencies? Let us count the ways.   Helping Your HOA Reduce Delinquencies Using These Methods Homeowners associations face unpaid dues and overdue balances all the time. But, when delinquent HOA dues start piling […]

Just Say No to Night HOA Board Meetings June 9, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Night HOA board meeting sessions are often the last resort for board members that have work during the day. Most HOA volunteers keep regular business hours, this the night HOA meetings. At this point, most associations are resigned to having evening HOA board meetings. But, what if there’s another way to hold HOA meetings earlier […]

Why Is A HOA Management Contract So Important? June 7, 2021 Bookmark and Share

The Board of Directors is used to dealing with homeowner association contracts for any type of goods or services needed by the association. Contracts are a standard practice so that both parties understand their specific roles and duties. That’s why a legitimate contract between you and your HOA management company is important too. From daily […]

How Much Are HOA Management Fees? June 4, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Associations can greatly benefit from the services of an HOA management company. Since board members don’t always have the time or expertise, it’s good to have a professional handling essential managerial functions on a full-time basis. But, how much do property management companies charge to manage HOAs? Here’s a closer look at HOA management fees […]

HOA Dog Rules And Policies Every Dog Owner Should Know About June 3, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Pets are now considered an integral part of the family. It’s only right for homeowners associations to welcome pets into their communities. If you’re a pet-friendly association, you likely already know the importance of having rules for homeowners with furry companions. For those who have yet to develop a clear policy, here are HOA dog […]

Who Can Attend HOA Meetings? May 31, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Who can attend HOA meetings? When it comes to annual meetings and board meetings, are all homeowners allowed to attend? Let’s find out.   In this article: Understanding Who Can Attend HOA Meetings Of Spouses, Tenants, and Attorneys Open Meetings and Executive Sessions Restricting Attendance at HOA Meetings Can Homeowners Speak at HOA Board Meetings? […]

Hiring The Best HOA Landscaping Companies May 28, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Proper landscaping can be integral to the success of your homeowners association. It helps boost property values and keep homeowners satisfied, but it also brings in more potential homeowners. Maintaining landscaping, though, is often tough without the help of the right HOA landscaping companies.   Looking for the Best HOA Landscaping Companies? Here’s How As […]

HOA Summer Safety: Protecting Homeowners, Kids, Pets, and Employees May 26, 2021 Bookmark and Share

HOA summer safety tips are all about staying healthy and sunburn-free as you enjoy your HOA summer activities. However, you also have to look out for the security of your association and residents. Safe summer tips likewise apply to the maintenance crew that will be working in your neighborhoods under the hot weather. Read on […]

HOA Online Voting 101: Why HOA Communities Should Consider It May 24, 2021 Bookmark and Share

In the digital age, many HOAs have turned to online voting for convenience. If you’re skeptical, weigh the pros and cons of HOA online voting before making your decision.   In this article: Why Even Consider HOA Online Voting? Benefits of HOA Electronic Voting 1. No Physical Attendance Needed 2. Vote From Anywhere 3. Cheaper […]

HOA Attorneys – Why They Are Important And How To Find One May 22, 2021 Bookmark and Share

An HOA attorney is paramount to any homeowners association. They perform tasks and consult on issues that an HOA would otherwise have no way of doing. Here’s why your association needs one.   The Case for an HOA Attorney Retaining the services of an attorney is important for every homeowners association. The HOA governing documents, as […]

How To Change HOA Bylaws, Covenants, And Rules May 21, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Homeowners associations are governed by a set of documents, among which are the bylaws and the CC&Rs. There will come a time, though, when you will need to amend those documents. Continue reading to learn how to change HOA bylaws and CC&Rs.   In this article: How to Change HOA Bylaws and CC&Rs: Is It Even […]

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality May 17, 2021 Bookmark and Share

The quality of the air around us can directly impact our health, even though we don’t always recognize it. The presence of various pollutants in the air we breathe are often invisible to the naked eye, which makes it difficult to be alert to any potential threats. The best way to ensure that you’re breathing […]

Why And How To Set Up An HOA Community Garden May 14, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Summertime is the time for planting, nurturing, and harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables. And when it comes to your community, warmer weather encourages neighbors to get out of doors, meet one another, have picnics and barbecues, and socialize in ways that they cannot during the winter months. One of the ways that a community can […]

How Can The HOA Save On Water Costs? May 12, 2021 Bookmark and Share

There are various ways the HOA can save water while still keeping up with maintenance. HOA water conservation, while often done to reduce water costs, is also just a matter of smart community management. Here are a few ways to boost HOA water savings while helping the larger community conserve water as well. In this […]

Everything You Need To Know About Condo Insurance May 10, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Unlike insurance for single-family homes — which is pretty much cut and dry — condominium homeowners insurance can be quite complicated. Why? Because as a condo owner, you need to think about insurance coverage for your unit as well as the insurance covered by your HOA. To provide clarity, here’s everything you need to know […]

8 Essential HOA Communication Tools May 7, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Having the right HOA communication tools can make all the difference in keeping your community in the loop. Having open, effective communication improves life in an HOA, because residents feel included. There’s nothing worse than being kept in the dark about what’s going on. Often, it’s not done intentionally, but it feels that way to […]

Flexible Rules: Steps For Consistent but Lenient Governance May 5, 2021 Bookmark and Share

  Community associations have rules and regulations to provide certainty, order, and safety. Regardless of size or shape, every community association should strive to enforce its rules properly, but there are times when those rules can be flexible too. The goal is simple for association boards: Follow the rules and enforcement procedures detailed in the governing documents. […]

Collecting Assessments: What To Consider When Negotiating A Repayment Plan May 3, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Millions of homeowners are facing or will face short- and long-term economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have already been furloughed or laid off. Paying the bills, including community association assessments, will get that much harder for the homeowners experiencing financial hardship. At the same time, community association boards have an important responsibility to collect […]

Post Responsibly: How To Avoid Legal Risks And Negative Effects On Social Media In Your Community April 30, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Social media tools are a great way for community associations to increase engagement with their residents, but they can leave communities vulnerable to potential legal risks if managed inappropriately. Adopting a social media policy can allow communities to assign responsibility over its use and minimize abusive practices, says attorney Katrina Solomatina of Berding & Weil in Walnut […]

Recording HOA Meeting Minutes? This HOA Meeting Minutes Template Will Help! April 28, 2021 Bookmark and Share

For any meeting the HOA board holds, the secretary should record HOA meeting minutes. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that there’s a proper way to go about this. Here, we discuss just that and provide you with a helpful HOA meeting minutes template.   In this article: The Importance of an HOA Meeting […]

Are You Listening To The Homeowners? Prove It! April 26, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Listening to homeowners is one of the most important roles of the HOA board. When homeowners are heard, it’s when the HOA and the residents can really work together. Although homeowner’s opinions can differ at times, the HOA needs to closely listen to homeowners every chance they get. Here are some tips on how you […]

Enforcing A 1 Hour HOA Board Meeting April 23, 2021 Bookmark and Share

With disagreeing residents, unending topics to discuss, and chatty board members, the idea of a short HOA board meeting seems almost impossible. However, it is entirely possible to have a 1 hour HOA board meeting by following a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to know. In this article: What Is the Science Behind […]

Easily Manage your HOA Pool with Task(and Time) Eliminating Software April 21, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Pools managed by HOAs are easily susceptible to losing revenue channels and offering freedom that is often taken advantage of. Without the ability to constantly overlook the pools management elements, it is difficult to control important aspects such as access control for members and guests, employee relations, and membership payments. Many HOAs accept these disadvantages […]

9 Ways The HOA Make Extra Money April 19, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Income is paramount to the successful running of any organization, HOAs included. While the HOA primarily relies on dues or assessments for HOA revenue, it can turn to other modes of earning cash, too. So, how can the HOA make extra money?   In this article: How Can Your HOA Make Extra Money? 1. Rent […]

6 Typical Rules For an HOA April 16, 2021 Bookmark and Share

If you haven’t dealt with a homeowners association before, you should prepare for rules. HOA rules govern many of the activities of daily residents. HOA’s aren’t for everyone, so before you make an offer on a home and move-in, you should understand how one may affect your living experience. HOA’s are more commonplace in certain […]

Enforce, Collect, and Hire Help: An Association Board’s Biggest Responsibilities April 14, 2021 Bookmark and Share

A community association board consists of volunteers elected to serve on behalf of residents to execute a wide variety of tasks. It’s a big job, but most board members are happy to serve and make the community a great place to call home. The board’s biggest responsibilities include enforcing rules, collecting assessments, and hiring help. Enforcing […]

Seven Ways to Be Heard at Your Next Condo or HOA Meeting April 12, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Residents are encouraged to attend and observe community association board meetings. If you’d like to bring an issue to your community association governing board’s attention, you’re welcome to speak during the homeowner forum—a time set aside just for you. So that everyone who attends has an opportunity for a meaningful exchange with the board, typically […]

How To Collect Unpaid HOA Fees At Closing April 9, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Who pays HOA fees at closing? Does the buyer take on the responsibility or does it remain with the seller? Find out below.   In this article: Who Pays HOA Fees at Closing? What Are HOA Fees? What Happens If You Don’t Pay HOA Fees? Pro-Rated HOA Dues at Closing Who Pays for the HOA […]

Are You Listening To The Homeowners? Prove It! April 7, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Listening to homeowners is one of the most important roles of the HOA board. When homeowners are heard, it’s when the HOA and the residents can really work together. Although homeowner’s opinions can differ at times, the HOA needs to closely listen to homeowners every chance they get. Here are some tips on how you […]

HOA Electric Car Charging Policy: Why Have One? April 5, 2021 Bookmark and Share

With the rise of electric cars in society, chances are you’ve probably seen a few of them in your homeowners association. Pretty soon, you will have owners of these vehicles approaching your HOA board to request the installation of charging stations. And, with that, comes the need for an HOA electric car charging policy.   In […]