20 HOA Board Member Mistakes To Be Wary Of August 3, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Rookie HOA board members are more prone to making mistakes, but that does not mean veteran board members are perfect. One of the best ways to become a good leader in your community is to know the most common HOA board member mistakes.   Avoid These HOA Board Member Mistakes at All Costs To err […]

Filing 1099’s For HOA Contractors: What You Should Know July 30, 2021 Bookmark and Share

1099’s for HOA contractors should be near the top of your end of the year to-do list. For one, 1099’s for HOAs are often overlooked on the mad dash to wrap up the fiscal year. This can come and bite you hard later, so make sure you have your 1099-MISC tax forms in view as […]

Are You Asking Enough Questions Before Hiring an HOA Contractor? July 29, 2021 Bookmark and Share

The HOA board is responsible for making decisions when the community is in need of maintenance or repair. Different skill sets are required based on the area of need, so it’s important to be mindful of the contractor you use to get the job done. It’s easy to go with anyone and assume they’re able […]

11 Important Features And Design Elements Of A Good HOA Website July 24, 2021 Bookmark and Share

A well-made homeowners association website does more than just present information. A great HOA website consists of thoroughly crafted, related modules that make HOA management easier.   What Characteristics Define a Good HOA Website? When shopping for a website for your association, it is important to consider its features and characteristics. What will make managing […]

9 Ways The HOA Make Extra Money July 21, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Income is paramount to the successful running of any organization, HOAs included. While the HOA primarily relies on dues or assessments for HOA revenue, it can turn to other modes of earning cash, too. So, how can the HOA make extra money?   In this article: How Can Your HOA Make Extra Money? 1. Rent […]

HOA Landscaping: Benefits, Budget, Cost, Requirements, and Restrictions July 19, 2021 Bookmark and Share

HOA landscaping plays a critical role in improving curb appeal and has a direct impact on property values. As such, it is imperative for every homeowners association to invest in quality landscaping.   In this article: The Importance of HOA Landscaping HOA Landscaping Committee Guidelines 1. Budgeting 2. Sending Out RFPs 3. Choosing a Winner […]

Have Bad Neighbors? What To Do Legally July 16, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Homeowners can choose the best HOA community for their needs and lifestyles, but they cannot choose their neighbors. Some homeowners may find themselves annoyed by the people living next door, and may even end up in conflict with them. Learn about bad neighbors, what to do legally here.   In this article: Bad Neighbors: What […]

Can Your HOA Require COVID-19 Vaccination For All Residents? July 14, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Vaccinations for COVID-19 are underway, but homeowners associations all have the same concern. Can an HOA require the COVID-19 vaccine for residents? Find out below.   Can Your HOA Require COVID-19 Vaccine? The coronavirus outbreak affected homeowners associations nationwide, making them temporarily shut down common areas and move meetings to digital mediums. As government-imposed restrictions continue to […]

How To Create An Awesome HOA Welcome Packet For New Residents July 12, 2021 Bookmark and Share

HOAs should strive to make a good first impression with their new residents. A warm welcome can go a long way in cultivating a strong, harmonious relationship with your new homeowners. Here’s how to create an HOA welcome packet that your new residents will appreciate.   What Is the Purpose of an HOA Welcome Packet? […]

10 Effective Ways Your HOA Saves Money July 9, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Many HOAs have issues covering their operational expenses and as a result, end up charging homeowners with additional fees. In the interest of maintaining resident morale, association boards need to look carefully at their budget. You need to look for ways to reduce costs in HOA, while still providing exceptional service to the community. If […]

7 Night Driving Tips for Your HOA Community July 7, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Even if your homeowners association is generally well lit at night, the chances of risks are still increased after dusk as visibility decreases. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your community has some guidelines and warnings for living or arriving home at night. Here are some tips you can share with your HOA members: In this article: […]

6 Benefits Of HOA Living July 5, 2021 Bookmark and Share

HOA living is becoming the norm in many communities. But, is moving to an HOA community all that it’s made out to be? What is an HOA neighborhood association and are HOA fees worth it to move into one?   In this article: HOA Living: Breaking Down the HOA Meaning How Does an HOA Work? […]

Celebrate a Fun & Safe July 4th in Your Homeowners Association July 2, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Celebrating the 4th of July might look different this year. If you were planning on traveling to visit friends and family, taking a vacation, or hosting you’re annual block party plans may have been canceled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stick close to home and still barbecue, set up some water play for the kids, […]

Can Homeowners Get A Traffic Ticket In An HOA? June 30, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Can your homeowners association issue an HOA traffic ticket? The answer may not be so simple. Still, it is worth diving into the subject to provide both HOAs and their members some insight.   In this article: HOA Traffic Ticket: Many Sides to the Debate Can HOA Enforce Speed Limits? Can an HOA Fine You […]

A Risk Management For HOA Guide June 28, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Running a homeowners association is just like running a business. And if you want your HOA to succeed, it’s important to have a proper risk management plan in place. Here’s a helpful risk management for HOA guide to get you started.   Importance of Risk Management for HOA Communities The concept of risk management can […]

Are Our Rules Reasonable? June 25, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Rules and regulations help community associations maintain property values and protect a quality of life. These standards are typically described in detail in an association’s governing documents, which all homeowners should have an opportunity to review before purchasing a home in a common-interest community. Association rules and regulations should be reasonable. When board members—along with their […]

Self Managed HOA Pros And Cons: Do You Need Help? June 23, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Homeowners associations vary greatly, with some requiring more attention than others. Although many find the idea of self-management appealing, it is not always the right call. In fact, when you become a self-managed HOA, you open your community up to certain risks.   In this article: Understanding Self Managed HOA Pros And Cons The Pros […]

Can Homeowners Get A Traffic Ticket In An HOA? June 21, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Can your homeowners association issue an HOA traffic ticket? The answer may not be so simple. Still, it is worth diving into the subject to provide both HOAs and their members some insight.   In this article: HOA Traffic Ticket: Many Sides to the Debate Can HOA Enforce Speed Limits? Can an HOA Fine You […]

HOA Budget Best Practices Every Board Member Should Know June 18, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Planning an HOA budget can be difficult work, especially if you’ve never done it before. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to lose track of the details. Luckily, adopting these HOA budget best practices can ensure a smooth preparation.   HOA Budget Best Practices to Live By Creating an annual HOA budget is […]

The Immense Importance Of Natural Disaster Insurance For Your HOA June 16, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Disaster can strike without warning — especially in a country that is extremely vulnerable to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, and so on. Is your community capable of handling the damage that these natural disasters might bring? If not, securing natural disaster insurance should be of immense importance to your homeowners association. Here’s why. In this […]

Everything You Should Know About Condo Maintenance June 14, 2021 Bookmark and Share

As anybody who’s ever had his air conditioner go out in the middle of summer can tell you, buildings don’t maintain themselves. This is where condo maintenance comes in.   In this article: Who Is Responsible for Condo Maintenance? Who Is Responsible for Plumbing in a Condo? Who Pays for Roof Repairs in a Condo? […]

How Can An HOA Reduce Delinquencies? June 11, 2021 Bookmark and Share

One of the hardest parts about running a homeowners association is collecting dues, especially when they become delinquent. How can your HOA reduce delinquencies? Let us count the ways.   Helping Your HOA Reduce Delinquencies Using These Methods Homeowners associations face unpaid dues and overdue balances all the time. But, when delinquent HOA dues start piling […]

Just Say No to Night HOA Board Meetings June 9, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Night HOA board meeting sessions are often the last resort for board members that have work during the day. Most HOA volunteers keep regular business hours, this the night HOA meetings. At this point, most associations are resigned to having evening HOA board meetings. But, what if there’s another way to hold HOA meetings earlier […]

Why Is A HOA Management Contract So Important? June 7, 2021 Bookmark and Share

The Board of Directors is used to dealing with homeowner association contracts for any type of goods or services needed by the association. Contracts are a standard practice so that both parties understand their specific roles and duties. That’s why a legitimate contract between you and your HOA management company is important too. From daily […]

How Much Are HOA Management Fees? June 4, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Associations can greatly benefit from the services of an HOA management company. Since board members don’t always have the time or expertise, it’s good to have a professional handling essential managerial functions on a full-time basis. But, how much do property management companies charge to manage HOAs? Here’s a closer look at HOA management fees […]

HOA Dog Rules And Policies Every Dog Owner Should Know About June 3, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Pets are now considered an integral part of the family. It’s only right for homeowners associations to welcome pets into their communities. If you’re a pet-friendly association, you likely already know the importance of having rules for homeowners with furry companions. For those who have yet to develop a clear policy, here are HOA dog […]

Who Can Attend HOA Meetings? May 31, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Who can attend HOA meetings? When it comes to annual meetings and board meetings, are all homeowners allowed to attend? Let’s find out.   In this article: Understanding Who Can Attend HOA Meetings Of Spouses, Tenants, and Attorneys Open Meetings and Executive Sessions Restricting Attendance at HOA Meetings Can Homeowners Speak at HOA Board Meetings? […]

Hiring The Best HOA Landscaping Companies May 28, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Proper landscaping can be integral to the success of your homeowners association. It helps boost property values and keep homeowners satisfied, but it also brings in more potential homeowners. Maintaining landscaping, though, is often tough without the help of the right HOA landscaping companies.   Looking for the Best HOA Landscaping Companies? Here’s How As […]

HOA Summer Safety: Protecting Homeowners, Kids, Pets, and Employees May 26, 2021 Bookmark and Share

HOA summer safety tips are all about staying healthy and sunburn-free as you enjoy your HOA summer activities. However, you also have to look out for the security of your association and residents. Safe summer tips likewise apply to the maintenance crew that will be working in your neighborhoods under the hot weather. Read on […]

HOA Online Voting 101: Why HOA Communities Should Consider It May 24, 2021 Bookmark and Share

In the digital age, many HOAs have turned to online voting for convenience. If you’re skeptical, weigh the pros and cons of HOA online voting before making your decision.   In this article: Why Even Consider HOA Online Voting? Benefits of HOA Electronic Voting 1. No Physical Attendance Needed 2. Vote From Anywhere 3. Cheaper […]