Everything You Need To Know About Condo Insurance May 18, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Unlike insurance for single-family homes — which is pretty much cut and dry — condominium homeowners insurance can be quite complicated. Why? Because as a condo owner, you need to think about insurance coverage for your unit as well as the insurance covered by your HOA. To provide clarity, here’s everything you need to know […]

Get Ready for Pool Season! May 10, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Swim season is here. While your residents are excited about getting wet, it means more stress for you and your staff, especially if you don’t have good pool rules. For everybody’s health and safety, community association board members and managers need to make sure their pool rules are comprehensive, covering everything from guests, children, swimwear, […]

How a Property Manager Can Help Moms This Mother’s Day May 6, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we want to take a few minutes to honor all the Moms who work so hard to keep everything running smoothly. Whether their children are in diapers, college, or even grown adults, mothers continually put their children first, and help or guide them in any way they […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo! May 5, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Cinco de Mayo — Spanish for May 5 — celebrates the Mexican army’s defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The holiday is just a day off from work in Mexico, but it’s a day of celebrations in the United States.   Happy Cinco de Mayo! We hope your Cinco de […]


We have been given the gift of life on Earth. In order to keep our wonderful gift, we need to take good care of the environment. To do their part, many companies and organizations are “Going Green” to help preserve and sustain life on Earth. As a Homeowners Association, you have many opportunities to introduce sustainability […]

How Some Communities Slow Drivers April 8, 2022 Bookmark and Share

When CAI’s Common Ground magazine asked readers whether they have problems with drivers speeding in their communities, a staggering 98% of respondents reported that they do, and nearly all (95%) use at least some form of speed control measures—from signs and speed humps to ticketing and cameras. The most effective solution to slowing drivers is probably unique to […]

Steps for Effective Community Association Leadership April 8, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Some volunteers who have served on a community association board have realized that much of what works for them in their day job doesn’t work as well in the context of board governance. That’s because, in an association, no single person is in charge. Decisions are made by the consensus of board members, so the chain […]

How Your HOA Should Be Planning For The Spring Season March 18, 2022 Bookmark and Share

With longer daylight hours, warmer weather, and planting season just around the corner, it’s time to start prepping your HOA community for spring. By going through a spring to-do list for HOA’s, you are helping to boost curb appeal, provide an inviting environment, and ensuring the safety of the members in your community. If you […]

Are Our Rules Reasonable? March 11, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Rules and regulations help community associations maintain property values and protect a quality of life. These standards are typically described in detail in an association’s governing documents, which all homeowners should have an opportunity to review before purchasing a home in a common-interest community. Association rules and regulations should be reasonable. When board members—along with their […]

A Good Board Member Make Up March 4, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Board members who strive to serve the best interests of their residents regardless of their personal interests are critical to leading a community. These are a few of the must-have traits and skills that make board members successful: Be respectful. Board members should lead by consensus, not by command. It’s their job to keep discussions […]

5 Strategies To Recruit and Retain Young Professionals February 25, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Finding talented young professionals to recruit, develop, and retain has become increasingly more challenging for numerous industries, including community association management. Mentorship and career development have become critical components to cultivate loyal, knowledgeable, and effective community managers. Community association management companies and associations need to adjust their hiring strategies to attract and motivate young professionals in a highly […]

The One Question Every Board Member Should Be Asking February 23, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Homeowners associations are representative democracies where powers are delegated to elected officials (the board of directors) and limited powers are reserved to the membership. In this governing model, the answer to a simple question can serve as a board member’s North Star: What is best for the community? EFFECTIVE DECISION-MAKING If board members focus on […]

Be Heard at Your Next HOA or Board Meeting February 11, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Residents are encouraged to attend and observe community association board meetings. If you’d like to bring an issue to your community association governing board’s attention, you’re welcome to speak during the homeowner forum—a time set aside just for you. So that everyone who attends has an opportunity for a meaningful exchange with the board, typically […]

What Community Associations Can Do To Maintain Pavement February 4, 2022 Bookmark and Share

It’s that time of year again, when rain, snow, and changing temperatures cause potholes to form, wreaking havoc on roadways, parking lots, and driveways. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), pothole damages cost U.S. motorists roughly $3 billion per year. On a per-pothole-incident basis that comes out to about $300 per driver. Additionally, AAA reports […]

Precautions to Keep Pipes from Freezing January 27, 2022 Bookmark and Share

A lot of damage can be sustained if you have frozen pipes in condos, houses, and other properties in your homeowners association (HOA). If you don’t want to deal with issues like burst pipes and serious flooding, you need to follow precautions to keep pipes from freezing in the winter. In this article: Follow These […]

FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC REQUIREMENTS January 18, 2022 Bookmark and Share

FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC NEW LENDER REQUIREMENTS FOR CONDOMINIUM AND COOPERATIVE PROJECTS. On June 24, 2021, tragically the Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside, FL, collapsed. Investigation revealed that construction defects, long-term water infiltration, and years of deferred maintenance may have all led to the collapse and the death of 98 people. In response, Fannie […]

Preparing Your HOA Community to Handle Winter Emergencies January 6, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Winterizing your community is likely something you’ve already discussed and begun the planning stages.  Beyond the steps mem Property Management NJ can take for winterization though, you can also be aware and ready for any winter emergencies in your community. Winter emergencies in an HOA mean that your residents may be in trouble. This may […]

May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness. December 28, 2021 Bookmark and Share

  May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.

Merry Christmas December 22, 2021 Bookmark and Share

“I love Christmas. I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can’t wait to exchange….” — Henny Youngman

HOA Electric Car Charging Policy: Why Have One? December 12, 2021 Bookmark and Share

With the rise of electric cars in society, chances are you’ve probably seen a few of them in your homeowners association. Pretty soon, you will have owners of these vehicles approaching your HOA board to request the installation of charging stations. And, with that, comes the need for an HOA electric car charging policy. In this […]

Budget? Yeah… I Think We Have a Budget. December 8, 2021 Bookmark and Share

As a HOA manager I was often approached by potential clients, at their wit’s end with HOA issues. Often these issues were about financial issues. I would usually ask them about their budget. Far too often I would get a response like. “Budget? Yeahhh… I think we have a budget.” In most of these cases […]

The Truth about HOAs:Don’t Blame Governing Documents,Blame Inconsistent Enforcement November 24, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Debunking common myths about living in community associations: MYTH: ENFORCING YOUR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION’S GOVERNING DOCUMENTS LEADS TO UNHAPPY HOMEOWNERS. Most people believe that enforcing the Rules and Regulations and other restrictions in the Declaration leads to unhappy homeowners. It feels right, because no one likes to get a letter saying “You are in violation of […]

Board of Directors: Do You Qualify? November 22, 2021 Bookmark and Share

There’s something rewarding about being on the Board of Directors of an HOA, especially if you fit the criteria. Like that one time when you you were spending time at the pool on a sunny summer day and you noticed one of the umbrellas was not doing their job due to the huge hole at […]

How to Pick the Right HOA Vendors November 19, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Pick HOA vendors that best fit the needs of your community. Sounds simple written like that, but selecting HOA contractors is not that straightforward. So, before you bring out the HOA vendor contracts, take a look at our tips on how to pick the best independent contractors for the job. PICK HOA VENDORS THAT GET […]

Condo Frozen Pipes: Who Should Take Care Of It? November 17, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Condo frozen pipes are a common problem among many condo associations, particularly those located in colder states. But, is it your job to fix these pipes? Or, is someone else accountable for them? DEALING WITH CONDO FROZEN PIPES Every season has its range of weather-specific concerns for property owners and condominium associations. In the winter, […]

7 Night Driving Tips for Your HOA Community November 15, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Even if your homeowners association is generally well lit at night, the chances of risks are still increased after dusk as visibility decreases. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your community has some guidelines and warnings for living or arriving home at night. Here are some tips you can share with your HOA members: #1 […]

11 Ways To Ensure Effective Security In HOA Community November 5, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Most residents of HOA communities have the benefit of feeling safer and more secure than those in a public community. To ensure HOA security remains in tiptop shape, it’s crucial for HOAs to get the most out of their security measures.   HOW TO IMPROVE HOA SECURITY IN YOUR COMMUNITY Homeowners association security continues to […]

What Is Condo Rental Insurance? What Does It Cover? November 1, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Navigating rentals in a condo association is already hard enough; adding insurance on top of it can be maddening. Yet, condo rental insurance is a significant asset that every condo rental owner should get.   WHAT IS CONDO RENTAL INSURANCE? Condo rental insurance is a type of insurance that specifically applies to condo units and […]

7 Wonderful Ideas To Have An Eco-Friendly HOA October 29, 2021 Bookmark and Share

Many homeowners associations are moving towards sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions in their communities. If you want to be an environmentally conscious HOA, there are several ways to do so. For starters, here are seven wonderful ideas that will transform your community into an eco-friendly HOA. HOW TO BECOME AN ECO-FRIENDLY HOA Becoming an eco-friendly […]