mem property management specializes in full-service residential property management.
Our vision is to provide you with the best service with our commitment to quality. Our expertise in Vendor Management, Accounting Services, Property Inspections and Resident Services amplifies our vision.

We provide a custom mix of comprehensive real estate services and products to deliver measurable returns for a range of condominiums, Homeowners Associations, and Active Adult Communities in Marlton Township and surrounding areas. Our services and management programs for mem property management properties are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of every client that we serve.


mem will track and double check contractors on a consistent basis. mem will be sure the job is being completed as expected and that the contractor is on site at all times getting the job done. mem will confirm that contractor insurance is in place. Work Orders, mem will schedule all work orders from homeowners and/or site inspections and track until completion.






Initially, mem would do a site inspection to see the actual current condition of the buildings and property to identify major preventative needs. Supervision of both superintendents and contractors are work order driven, work is inspected according to the contract specification and a punch list will be generated to insure work is completed properly before final payment is made. mem will conduct regular inspections thereafter of the property and spot inspections to insure architectural harmony and compliance of Association rules and regulations. In addition, at least property-wide inspection will be performed in each month.

mem property management services include full-service financial management. Our accounting software is tightly integrated with the community web site, enabling representatives and Board members to view financial information from any computer, anytime. Residents can also easily access their accounts online. In addition to these services, many of our Associations Clients have taken advantage of mem’s negotiated arrangement with top financial institution that extended above average interest rate on client investment accounts. mem property management corp views the financial aspects of its management program to be a vital ingredient in properly managing your real estate asset. Associations need to be capable of making prudent financial decisions that can only be accurately determined through the detailed financial reports and budgets, which mem property management Co., Inc. can provide. Allowing an Association to accurately forecast mechanical system replacement costs, rising, water and sewer costs, escalating insurance premiums and property taxes through budgetary forecasting, clearly gives our clients an advantage in determining future charges. mem prepares draft budgets and meets with the Board to discuss any future projects; then the budget is monitored monthly. mem tracks any known overages and discusses them with the Board to identify them and off-set the overages.


At mem property management, Martin Laderman, founder and CEO, is actively involved in the day-to-day affairs of running the affairs of the Association. Even unit owners are encouraged to call the Property manager to discuss any concerns they may have. In addition, the President of mem reaches out to the Board on a regular basis to “see how things are going”. First and foremost client satisfaction is important to mem which our success is built on. mem property management corp is a boutique real estate management service firm. Our philosophy is founded on the simple principal that our clients, tenant, owners and sub-tenants are treated as individuals, each of which posse different sets of needs and requirement. In addition, we believe clients are entitled to be treated fairly, and with the highest degree of honesty, reliability, integrity, and trustworthiness. mem property management property managers are personally involved in every phase of the management process to improve relationships and to hear firsthand what the problems are and also to hear that we are managing great!