How To Stop Bullying In Your Homeowners Association
December 29, 2016
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Not all homeowners associations have an HOA board that consists of members who treat everyone equally and fairly.  There are over 351, 000 homeowners associations in the United States and some of those HOA’s may have a homeowner that pushes their own agenda. #helpingyouenjoyyourhome

Inappropriate behavior may eventually lead to some form of bullying on the community website or during a meeting regardless of CC&R’s and rules.  Homeowners who are long-time residents of the community may try to persuade a board member or HOA manager to enforce what they want.  What can you do if this happens in your homeowners association?

Immediate Action

Homeowners that display questionable behavior may do things such as insult other homeowners and interfere at times with their demands.  When those demands aren’t met, they often resort to bullying to get even or become very vocal about how the HOA board should be at fault.  If that happens, HOA board members must promptly remedy the situation by reminding the homeowner about the CC&R’s and HOA rules.

Comments on the community website may also get out of control when debatable topics are mentioned.  Online bullying is more likely to happen than bullying in the homeowners association as people think they can get away with it.  Any homeowner who feels they have been bullied is encouraged to consult with a board member as soon as possible.  How should you act if you were to become a board member?

Know The Tactics & Act Accordingly!

Most bullies are easy to identify since there are certain tactics they use on different people to push their agenda.  Condescending comments usually indicate a negative attitude and whether or not they have plans to try and divide the HOA board.  Board members that work together know the tactics bullies use and act accordingly to ensure the homeowners association always enforces the rules.

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