Preparing Your HOA Community to Handle Winter Emergencies January 28, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Winterizing your community is likely something you’ve already discussed and begun the planning stages.  Beyond the steps mem Property Management NJ can take for winterization though, you can also be aware and ready for any winter emergencies in your community. Winter emergencies in an HOA mean that your residents may be in trouble. This may […]

Condo Frozen Pipes: Who Should Take Care Of It? January 22, 2023 Bookmark and Share

Condo frozen pipes are a common problem among many condo associations, particularly those located in colder states. But, is it your job to fix these pipes? Or, is someone else accountable for them? DEALING WITH CONDO FROZEN PIPES Every season has its range of weather-specific concerns for property owners and condominium associations. In the winter, […]

Moving Forward in 2023 January 16, 2023 Bookmark and Share

From the Desk of Martin H. Laderman With the holiday season behind us, and a brisk winter chill underway, it’s clearly time to dive into the New Year with both feet and keep things moving.  Here are some of the things that have taken place with mem property management over the last week that I want to […]

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How To Collect Unpaid HOA Fees At Closing December 25, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Who pays HOA fees at closing? Does the buyer take on the responsibility or does it remain with the seller? Find out below. In this article: Who Pays HOA Fees at Closing? What Are HOA Fees? What Happens If You Don’t Pay HOA Fees? Pro-Rated HOA Dues at Closing Who Pays for the HOA Transfer […]

Merry Christmas December 22, 2022 Bookmark and Share

“I love Christmas. I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can’t wait to exchange….” — Henny Youngman

How Should You Thank An HOA Volunteer? December 1, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Whether a volunteer serves on the board or uploads content to the homeowners association website for free, they all play an important role in your community. Without them, your association would be burdened with paying for those services and that would lead to higher HOA fees. The following discusses ways in which you can be […]

“So What If You Don’t Fix It Right Now?” November 29, 2022 Bookmark and Share

As we know, a Condominium Association has many duties and obligations to fulfill including the collection of assessments, and the enforcement of the provision of the Condominium Documents.(1)  In addition, the Association also has another very important duty: the maintenance and repair of the common elements. This duty not only is relevant to the aesthetics […]

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Governing boards of condominiums and homeowner associations often have concerns about the number of rental units within their communities.  Tenants are perceived to be less concerned about the community, less likely to observe the community’s rules and regulations and less concerned about the preservation of the community’s common elements than unit owners who reside within […]

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Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees, ‘Tonight is Halloween!‘  

CAI Conference and Expo A Major Success ! October 21, 2022 Bookmark and Share

CAI Expo one of the most popular real estate trade shows in New Jersey, is attended by nearly 1000 board members, homeowners, property managers and apartment building owners throughout the Garden State  For mem property management co, inc., one of the fastest growing companies in New Jersey, CAI provided a unique opportunity to highlight how their customized […]

Diwali -“festival of lights” October 18, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Diwali is the Indian “festival of lights”—a holiday that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. This year, Diwali will be celebrated on October 24. Though technically religious, it’s also become a cultural event in North America that’s celebrated with sweets and special foods. Learn about Diwali, when it occurs, and common traditions! Diwali (also called Divali or Deepavali) is […]

HOA Halloween Safety Tips October 17, 2022 Bookmark and Share

If your community doesn’t have a policy for neighborhood trick-or-treating, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure everyone has a safe Halloween. Make sure your HOA’s walking areas and stairs are well lit and free of obstacles that could cause falls. Remind homeowners to keep candlelit jack o’ lanterns and other open flames away […]

mem property mgmt to be a Sponsor/Exhibitor at CAI-NJ Expo October 16, 2022 Bookmark and Share

mem property management has announced its sponsorship of the New Jersey chapter Community Associations Institute (CAI-NJ) Annual Conference & Expo. The conference  at the i Play American. Freehold, New Jersey    Visitors to the mem property management nj Booth (#819/821) can learn more about the company, its role in the New Jersey property management industry and […]

HOA Electric Car Charging Policy: Why Have One? October 6, 2022 Bookmark and Share

With the rise of electric cars in society, chances are you’ve probably seen a few of them in your homeowners association. Pretty soon, you will have owners of these vehicles approaching your HOA board to request the installation of charging stations. And, with that, comes the need for an HOA electric car charging policy. In this […]

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Budget? Yeah… I Think We Have a Budget. September 14, 2022 Bookmark and Share

As a HOA manager I was often approached by potential clients, at their wit’s end with HOA issues. Often these issues were about financial issues. I would usually ask them about their budget. Far too often I would get a response like. “Budget? Yeahhh… I think we have a budget.” In most of these cases […]

mem to Sponsor CAI-NJ Beach Party September 13, 2022 Bookmark and Share

mem property management corp, a top-rated New Jersey property management company, recently announced its Platinum Plus sponsorship of the New Jersey chapter Community Associations Institute (CAI-NJ) Annual Beach Party. The Beach Party will be held Thursday, September 15 from 5:00pm – 9:00pm at Martell’s Tiki Bar, Point Pleasant, New Jersey.“We are very excited to have a […]

Communities facing rising umbrella liability rates August 24, 2022 Bookmark and Share

As property insurance rates are somewhat stabilizing in 2022, umbrella liability rates continue rising for common interest communities. Five years ago, many community associations were able to purchase umbrella liability limits as high as $50 million for a very economical price. In the past two years, insurance companies have reduced their limits to $5 million […]

Who Can Attend HOA Meetings? August 15, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Who can attend HOA meetings? When it comes to annual meetings and board meetings, are all homeowners allowed to attend? Let’s find out. In this article: Understanding Who Can Attend HOA Meetings Of Spouses, Tenants, and Attorneys Open Meetings and Executive Sessions Restricting Attendance at HOA Meetings Can Homeowners Speak at HOA Board Meetings? About […]

mem Files for Trademark Renewal With USPTO August 1, 2022 Bookmark and Share

mem property management, recently filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a Combined Declaration of Use and Incontestability Under Sections 8 and 15 to further strengthen the company’s intellectual property rights. “We are very proud of our brand and our company logo strongly demonstrates our commitment to servicing New Jersey Associations for over […]

Summer Safety: Homeowners, Kids, Pets, and Employees July 19, 2022 Bookmark and Share

HOA summer safety tips are all about staying healthy and sunburn-free as you enjoy your HOA summer activities. However, you also have to look out for the security of your association and residents. Safe summer tips likewise apply to the maintenance crew that will be working in your neighborhoods under the hot weather. Read on […]

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Happy Independence Day……. June 27, 2022 Bookmark and Share

“I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don’t have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks.”

Collect with Respect – A New Approach to Collections June 12, 2022 Bookmark and Share

mem property management will shortly be announcing a powerful new partnership with one of the country’s leading collections companies to help Associations more efficiently and more affordably collect overdue monthly fees and special assessments from delinquent unit owners. Our approach will be proactive and innovative, very different from the “sue first, ask questions later and […]

mem to Exhibit and Sponsor New Jersey Cooperator Expo June 1, 2022 Bookmark and Share

mem property management recently announced its corporate sponsorship of The New Jersey Cooperator’s Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apt. Expo. The Expo will take place Monday , June 8, 2022 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Visitors to the mem property management Booth (#201 and #203 can learn more about […]

How a Property Manager Can Help Moms This Mother’s Day May 6, 2022 Bookmark and Share

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we want to take a few minutes to honor all the Moms who work so hard to keep everything running smoothly. Whether their children are in diapers, college, or even grown adults, mothers continually put their children first, and help or guide them in any way they […]

Good neighbors – How to attract owners April 27, 2022 Bookmark and Share

How to attract owners that will enjoy being a part of your HOA Not all HOAs are equal, but it’s really the people that distinguish a good neighborhood from a great one. Debates about the value of HOAs can be polarizing; some people can’t fathom living in a community with rules and fees. However, others […]

Office Expansion at Carnegie Center in Princeton April 13, 2022 Bookmark and Share

mem property management, a top-rated property management company in New Jersey, is proud to announce the expansion of its offices in Princeton New Jersey with the securing of a significant increase of Class A office space at 103 Carnegie Center, Suite #200 , Princeton, New Jersey Exceptional growth over the past several years has caused […]